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This website and links to third party sites may only be used for purposes of seeking employments, recruitment, HR agency and other related services.

  1. 1. Releasing information
    • · Don't post any information that is prohibited by law.
    • · Don't post any information that is not related to job seeking, recruitment and HR agency.
    • · Don't post any incomplete and false information.
    • · Users are responsible for all the information posted by themselves.
  2. 2. Using the information
    • · Recruiters can only use the resumes of job seekers for the purpose of hiring
    • · Job seekers are only allowed to use the job recruiting information for the purpose of job application
    • · Other information posted on this website can only be used for the mentioned purposes;
    • · Information on this website are prohibited from being used for a commercial purpose.
  3. 3. Disclosure of information
    • · All the information posted on this Website
    • could be possibly viewed by any visitor to this Website, and may be misused. This Website bears no responsibilities for it.
  4. 4. The accurancy of the information
    • · Information posted on this website should all follow the principles of being lawful, acurate, timely and complete. But this website makes no warranties with respect to the accurancy of the information provided by third-parties or collected by this website. Users of the information should understand that further verification is neccessary when using the information. Visitors of the website shall be solely responsible for the costs arising from using the information on this website that is not verified by themselves.
  5. 5. Editing and deleting information
    • · Visitors are prohibited from editing or deleting information posted by other users. The website has the right to revise and delete any inapproriate information.
  6. 6. Copyright and Trademark
    • · All of the graphics, icons, texts, procedures, etc. are the exclusive property of SFSC's EFESCO website, and as such they are protected under the copyright and intellectual property laws and regulations. Visitors to the site may not copy or replicate, distribute or use any of the contents without obtaining prior written consent from the Company. The trademarks posted on the site are properties of their owners, and are protected under the trademark laws.
  7. 7. Use of the registration information
    • · The personal informatio of registered users may be used by this site for statistical purposes, and might be used as data for advertisers and collaborators of the EFESCO website under the strict management of our company. This website may contact registered users from time to time through the email addresses provided by users during their registration.
    • · The EFESCO website pledges that it shall not reveal the personal information of our users to any third-party without obtaining the constent from users, except for the following situations:
    • · offering personal information in accordance with requests from law enforcers or employers for a public purpose;
    • · information leakage arising from your sharing of the password or account with other people
    • · Information loss, leakage, theft or modification arising from force majeure that affect that normal operation of our website, including hacker break-in, invasion and attacks of computer viruses, or temporary closing because of government control;
    • · Information leakage and any legal disputes or consequences therefore because of hyperlinks offered on the EFESCO Website
    • · for the purpose of freeing visitors from imminent dangers that threaten their life, bodies or wealth.
  8. 8. Self responsibility
    • · All users of this website should bear full responsibilites for using information on this site or the use of their posted information by other visitors. This site makes no warranties with respect to third-party disputes arising from using the information on this site.
  9. 9. Termination of services
    • · This site retains the use to terminate any service with or without previous notification.
  10. 10. This site bears no responsibilities for denied access to the site because of normal maintenance, system upgrading, or network congestion.
  11. 11. All disputes with this Site from using the Terms and Conditions and using the services of this Site sould be resolved in accordance with related laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.